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Decay, cracked or broken teeth, and teeth that are worn from unusual use (such as grinding) are all reasons you may need a filling. If decay is suspected, Dr. Kratz will use several methods to confirm its presence. These may include, observation, cavity-detecting dye, and x-rays. We also employ a laser fluorescence cavity detector to achieve the most accurate decay detection possible.

Edina Dental Care offers two types of fillings: dental amalgams (silver fillings) and composite resin (white fillings).

Dental amalgams are made up of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Dental amalgams have a 150-year proven track record and are one of the safest, durable and least expensive materials used to fill a cavity. Mercury in dental amalgams is not poisonous. In fact, the amount released in the mouth while chewing and grinding is less than what you may be exposed to in food, air, and water.

Composite resin fillings are made up of a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture. Composites are applied in layers and typically take longer to apply than dental amalgams. The advantage of choosing composite resin fillings is aesthetics. Since we are able to blend shades of the composite material, we can create a color nearly identical to your natural tooth.

When you visit Edina Dental Care to get a filling, we will make sure you are fully numb before any treatment begins. Following treatment, you may experience sensitivity for one to two weeks. If sensitivity persists longer than two weeks, please let us know.