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New Patient Information

At Edina Dental Care, you are a collaborative member of your oral health team. Your introduction to this team starts with your New Patient Exam, an interactive and comprehensive exam that may be unlike any you have received. This exam will provide us with the background we need to fully understand your oral health situation.

The New Patient Exam is more thorough than the cursory check-up you may have come to expect. Throughout your New Patient Exam, Dr. Kratz and our staff will guide you through each portion of the examination and share what we are discovering. We will actively listen for your questions, concerns, and opinions.

An aesthetic evaluation may also be included. We invite you to openly share your concerns and feelings with Dr. Kratz and our staff.

If you are in need of urgent care, we will immediately address your needs and may defer portions of the comprehensive examination to a subsequent visit depending on the time available and care received.

In addition to examining your mouth, Dr. Kratz will suggest appropriate x-rays and may recommend that diagnostic impressions be made of your upper and lower teeth. A final step in gathering data may include a complete set of close-up photographs of your teeth and face.

Following the exam and prior to advising you on any treatment, Dr. Kratz will carefully develop a treatment plan that addresses your concerns, uncovered health problems, and goals. Should Dr. Kratz need time to study the information gathered from the exam, you will be invited to schedule a subsequent appointment to discuss the findings.