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Nightguards/Bite Splints

You've probably heard that tooth grinding and clenching wears away the surfaces of teeth. Recent studies indicate that constant clenching and grinding of the teeth may cause micro-fracturing at the gum line and make you more susceptible to gum recession.

Many people who have bite problems also experience nighttime bruxing (grinding) and daytime clenching. Bite splint therapy is usually the first course of treatment for these types of issues.

Your bite splint will be custom-made by Dr. Kratz in our in-house lab and adjusted precisely to fit your mouth comfortably. You can wear a bite splint at night and during stressful (clenching) times of the day to relax your jaw muscles and minimize wear.

A bite splint is just one of the useful tools and techniques we offer to create a safe, comfortable mouth until we can solve complex problems more permanently. Permanent solutions may include moving teeth, crowning greatly damaged teeth, and replacing any missing teeth with implants. Many adults facing the complex problem of a poor bite choose to undergo a period of orthodontics to ensure their problem is solved the best way possible.