Edina Dental Care




I came to Edina Dental Care after the 6th root canal on the same molar from my prior dentist and needless to say I was on guard.  The staff and Dr. Kratz eased any qualms I had in my first visit. As I approached a milestone birthday a few years ago, we made a plan for a "Smile Makeover." He and his professional associates created a masterpiece, my smile with matching gum line. Dr Kratz has exceptional color matching skills and is truly an artist!  Many people comment on my fabulous natural looking smile today, which I show off proudly! Thank you Dr Kratz and all the Edina Dental Care Team
— Anni


When I was young I had some very unpleasant experiences with my family dentist that resulted in my neglecting my teeth for too long a time. When I could no longer ignore the pain in my mouth I had the good fortune to find Edina Dental Care. I now look forward to my dental appointments – not with dread as in years past but with the anticipation of visiting with old friends. The entire staff makes every visit a pleasant experience. I have never felt a moment of discomfort while undergoing treatment. Complete strangers have complemented me on my smile. 
— Tully


Growing up, I was always self conscious abut my smile. I didn't have perfect white teeth, they were discolored. I never wanted to smile my "big smile" because I didn't like how my teeth looked. My first meeting with Dr. Kratz, he asked me "What is your goal when it comes to your teeth, smile?" Without hesitation, I told him I wanted teeth that were all one color. After a year or two, we decided to work on my smile. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work on my smile. He made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure and the staff were amazing. They all made sure I had everything I needed and if I was comfortable. From before to now, there is a huge difference and I can't stop smiling. Dr. Kratz helped me to become more comfortable with my smile. I would highly recommend Dr. Kratz and Edina Dental Care to anyone!
— Blythe


Our family has been with Edina Dental Care for over 10 years. With two young boys, selecting a new dentist can create a great deal of anxiety. The warm and caring reception we received at Edina Dental Care quickly erased those apprehensions and created a welcoming experience. Our family has come to know and trust the members of the staff over this time. When the time came for a "smile makeover" last year, I knew that I could not be in more capable hands than those of the staff of Edina Dental Care. My smile comes easy following my restoration and it also reflects my satisfaction and appreciation for the care I received during its creation! 
— Kirt


Our entire family from grandchildren to grandparents is honored to have Dr. Kratz as our dentist. We appreciate his calm professionalism and his ability to be a good listener. The dental hygienist staff is exceptional – gentle with children and thorough and educational for adults. 
— Pam