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Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings


At Edina Dental Care, we provide thorough, yet gentle, dental cleanings and recommend patients have a professional cleaning in our office at least every six months. After your cleaning, your smile will be whiter and brighter, your risk of dental decay and gum disease will be greatly reduced, and we will have had the opportunity to discover oral health problems that may be cropping up.

Keep in mind that regular dental cleanings are part of preventing dental decay, gum disease, jawbone recession, oral cancer, and diagnosing dental problems as early as possible. With early diagnosis and treatment, we can work together to avoid your need for more extensive dentistry. Regular dental cleanings at six-month or less intervals can save you significant time in the dental chair…and, of course, oral health care expenses.

Are you in need of a dental cleaning and oral health checkup?  Give us a call today at (952) 922-2214.