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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

After one or more teeth are lost, a prosthetic tooth or teeth can be suspended between two crowns that cover natural teeth at either end of the gap. This is called “crown and bridge” treatment. If only one natural tooth is available to support the bridge, a cantilevered bridge might be possible. Not only does a crown and bridge prosthesis restore the smile, it prevents teeth from drifting out of position, helps maintain facial shape, and restores the ability to chew and speak normally. If you have been wearing a partial removable denture, you might want to upgrade to a fixed bridge to improve your eating function and smile confidence.  

Although crown and bridge treatment has been the most popular type of treatment for filling gaps for many years, dental implant treatment is now gaining in popularity. A crown or multiunit bridge fixed on an implant does not require the crowning of adjacent healthy teeth. The implant stimulates bone growth, eliminating the jawbone resorption that occurs after tooth roots are lost. An implant-retained crown or multiunit bridge is a more durable treatment with longer-lasting results. And the stable bite and appearance are optimal. Implant treatment instead of traditional crown and bridge treatment has been demonstrated to be highly cost effective, too.

Dr. Michael Kratz of Edina Dental Care is an expert in guiding patients in their decision making. You will stay in control of your treatment decisions, as Dr. Kratz informs you about the advantages and disadvantages of your treatment options. As in the case of dental crowns, there are multiple types of materials that can be used in the creation of your custom prosthesis. If you decide to have crown and bridge treatment, Dr. Kratz will assess all aspects of your oral health to recommend the best bridge option for you.

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