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Tooth Shaping

Tooth Shaping

Tooth shaping is an ideal treatment for someone with normal, healthy teeth who wants to make subtle changes to their smile or requires adjustment of the occlusal surfaces to improve their bite. The treatment involves contouring enamel or bonding composite resin. Porcelain veneers or crowns may be recommended in some circumstances to change the shape of teeth and close gaps between teeth.

Are you experiencing jaw muscle tenderness or more acute pain of the face, neck and jaw that could be due to temporal mandibular joint discomfort (TMJ/TMD)? Individualized treatment for TMD may involve tooth shaping, wearing an occlusal nightguard to relieve jaw muscle tension overnight, and perhaps, a course of orthodontics. Dr. Michael Kratz has had extensive training in optimizing occlusion by making minor modifications to both natural and restored teeth and by using Invisalign© clear orthodontic technology to align teeth.

Whether you have concerns about the appearance of your smile or about your bite that can be addressed by tooth shaping, the first step is to share your concerns with Dr. Kratz and allow him to examine you thoroughly before recommending treatment.

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