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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Dr. Michael Kratz can apply and bond tooth-colored resin to a tooth’s surface to restore chipped or worn enamel, fill a cavity, increase the dimensions of a tooth, or cover intrinsic stains and fillings. He applies the resin freehand in layers and sculpts it to result in the ideal dimensions and surface smoothness for the tooth. Because composite resin comes in an extensive range of shades, Dr. Kratz can select the shade that matches the natural enamel of your teeth. The result is a seamless restoration that blends completely into your smile.

When compared with composite bonding, a crown may provide longer-lasting restoration for a damaged tooth and better preserve the tooth for years to come. When compared with veneer treatment, a set of veneers may provide more aesthetic and longer-lasting results when enhancing your smile.

At Edina Dental Care, Dr. Kratz takes into consideration your oral health and function, as well as your goals and preferences, prior to recommending treatment.

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